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2013 – Year In Review

February 27, 2014

Thanks to several corporate donors and many generous individuals, HopeNow FB was able to give out more than twice as many twin-size mattresses in 2013 than in 2012, (181 / 88) and more than half again as many dressers / chests of drawers. (72 / 46). Thanks to Mount Vernon Nazarene University, 38 sets of bunk bed frames were donated and distributed.

Each family served by HopeNow Furniture Bank receives an average of 5 pieces of furniture along with a box or two of bedding and kitchen items. The amount of furniture and household goods given out by HNFB in 2012 was equal to approximately 12 semi-trailer loads or one semi-trailer load per month. This is furniture that is “recycled” into the local community rather than going to a landfill. Since we are open only two days a week, that means that a semi-trailer load of furniture is going to needy families about once every eight days.

in calendar 2013, both the number of donors and the number of clients increased by nearly 25%. While the amount of furniture given out in some specific catagories was down from last year, over all, the total number of pieces distributed was up 35% from the previous year. In 2012, there were 264 clients and 321 donors; in 2013, there were 321 clients and 396 donors. The number of families served per month averaged about 26.7 in 2013.